Our Proposal

  1. 43-storey mixed use building providing 588 purpose-built rental units and community-oriented retail.
  2. New east-west publicly accessible pedestrian mid-block connection.
  3. New public park at the intersection of Lynn Williams Street and Western Battery Road.
  4. New east-west private road connecting Western Battery Road on the east to the existing private road on the west.
  5. Designed by gh3* for Shiplake Properties & Collecdev.

Proposal Features

86 Lynn Williams Building Purpose Diagram
86 Lynn Williams Building Purpose Diagram
Proposed Public Park*
*Design to be further developed.

1Providing Purpose-Built Rental Housing in Liberty Village

This new purpose-built rental building represents a long-term investment in the Liberty Village community. It will offer new housing options for residents looking to live in the neighbourhood, and overall alleviate pressure in the local rental market. Built to last, the new development will include durable features and finishes that that support multiple tenancies and will be owned and managed by Shiplake Properties, an award-winning rental housing provider.

2A Mix of Uses

The site will combine a mix of uses including rental housing, community retail space, a public park, and a mid-block pedestrian connection. This range of uses will support Liberty Village as a thriving community where residents and visitors have access to their daily needs nearby.

3Enhanced Pedestrian Realm

The development will create an enhanced pedestrian experience with a new public park at the corner of Lynn Williams Street and Western Battery Road; new landscaping; a new private road would connect Western Battery Road on the east to the existing private lane on the west; and a mid-block pedestrian connection that will connect the heritage building to the new purpose-built rental building, creating a cohesive and accessible built form between the two properties.

4Celebrating the History of the Neighbourhood

The restoration and integration of the heritage property at 80 Lynn Williams Street will maintain the industrial history of Liberty Village, while evolving the site for today’s modern environment with new retail and services, providing even more convenient neighbourhood amenities for Liberty Village residents and visitors. The neighbourhoood’s history will also be reflected in the design and the materiality of the new building, creating a bridge between the past and the future.


The Neighbourhood


1Allan A. Lamport Stadium Park
2Dufferin - King Parkette
3Liberty Village Park
4Liberty Village Dog Park
5Trillium Park


6Exhibition GO
7TTC Street Car
8Smart Track
9Ontario Relief Line


10Niagara Street Junior Public School
11Queen Victoria Public School
12Discovering Minds Montessori School Inc.


13BMO Field
14King High Line
15Coca-Cola Coliseum
16Enercare Centre
17Exhibition Place
18Liberty Market Building
19King Liberty Bridge
20Heritage Court
21Queen Elizabeth Theatre
22Toronto Carpet Factory
23York Heritage Properties
24161 Liberty St


25Lakeside Long Term Care Centre
26Toronto Fire Station 346

Project Timeline

Find out the current status of the project and see what milestones are coming up in the development application review process.

October 2023
Application Submission
  • Meeting with local Stakeholders
    • 125 Western Battery Road Condo Board
    • 150 East Liberty Street Condo Board
    • Liberty Village Residents Association
Community Consultation Meeting

Planning Materials & Reports

Couldn’t make it to the last community information session? Missed a key item? Check out a complete archive of the latest presentations, reports, and documents below.

Reports and documents to be provided as they are available

Visionary Team


gh3* is a peer-recognized and award-winning Canadian design practice. Our office works in the increasingly complex realm where architecture, urbanism, and landscape overlap. We design with a modernist’s eye to order, beauty, and social possibility, an environmentalist’s awareness of sustainability and long-term thinking. We have completed projects at every scale, from small park pavilions and private houses to large civic and transit infrastructure, most recently Canada’s first natural swimming pool. Our energetic and interdisciplinary team is committed to the best in creative practice. We bring a tailored, client-centred approach to every stage of the design and construction process, with the aim of achieving pragmatic, poetic, environmentally responsible, and aesthetically powerful design solutions. We believe that excellent design is an essential part of everyday life, and that spatially and visually engaging places can inspire joy and civic pride.

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Bousfields Inc. is one of Ontario’s pre-eminent urban planning, urban design and community engagement firms. Bousfields offers a full range of land use planning, urban design and community engagement services to the development industry, municipalities and government agencies.

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ERA Architects is a Toronto-based architecture firm comprised of experts in heritage conservation, adaptive reuse, planning and community building. Primarily engaged in connecting heritage issues to wider considerations of urban design and city building, and to broader cultural values, the team provides perspective to building work at different scales. ERA works collaboratively with other firms to engage in city building, conserving heritage architecture and improving the built environment.

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BA Group

BA Group provides transportation planning and engineering services to public and private organizations. We provide thoughtful plans for the movement of people and goods in urban environments. Our focus is on sustainable urban land development and the legal, functional, social and economic implications of various transportation systems.

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Shiplake Properties Ltd. is a generational real estate company that provides premium urban rental communities across the GTA. We're focused on our vision to create exceptional living experiences through design, service, and sustainability. Founded in 1963 by Albert Latner, Shiplake is proud of its heritage as an innovative city builder. We have a long history of creating iconic properties that are designed for the future. Several of our communities are landmarks that define Toronto’s greatest neighbourhoods. Today, we're a fully integrated company. Our talented and dedicated team take pride in making residents Happy at Home and providing a place for coworkers to be Happy at Work.

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Collecdev is a visionary development company dedicated to building better communities. The firm champions an integrated approach throughout the development process and is committed to being at the forefront of sustainable building practices while maintaining uncompromising standards of quality. Collaborating with industry leaders in all disciplines, the company takes pride in advancing innovative ideas, resulting in a collective vision. Collecdev communities are designed to create balanced and complete communities that reflect the way people truly want to live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is on the property currently?

The property is currently occupied by the former A.R. Williams Machinery building that was constructed in the late 1920s and a surface parking area. The property is made up of three municipal addresses with different defining characteristics:

86 Lynn Williams: north building

  • Currently underused and vacant
  • Not listed or designated on the heritage registry
  • Subject of this development application

70 Lynn Williams: surface parking area

  • Currently underused and vacant
  • Not listed or designated on the heritage registry
  • Subject of this development application

80 Lynn Williams: south building

  • Currently being used as office space
  • Listed heritage property
  • Not included as part of this development application

Will the existing building be demolished?

The south building (80 Lynn Williams) is a listed heritage property and will be retained as a retail use in the future. This building is not included in the rezoning application.

The north building will be demolished as part of the proposed redevelopment. It is not a listed heritage building.

How are you working with the owners of 80 Lynn Williams?

Shiplake Properties has been in conversations with the owners of the heritage building at 80 Lynn Williams throughout the development of our initial concept. We will continue to have open lines of communication with these owners throughout the process as part of our design does include integration with their property.

Why build purpose-built rentals instead of a condominium?

At Shiplake we believe that the contribution that rental housing provides to supporting a heathy housing mix in the city is crucial to Toronto’s continued growth.

Contrary to the conventional idea of an apartment building, there is a growing understanding that purpose-built rentals are often more thoughtfully designed and built since they are a long-term asset.

It is in a property manager’s best interest to build units that are functional, amenities that are desirable, and provide finishes that are durable to attract and maintain tenants.

How will this proposal improve Liberty Village for existing residents?

Shiplake and its development partner Collecdev are excited about bringing a new mixed-use, purpose-built building with high quality design to the Liberty Village neighbourhood. We see this as an opportunity to bring much needed services and amenities to residents of the area. Improvements to the pedestrian realm, including a new park and mid-block pedestrian atrium, as well as overall improved site and area circulation are key features of this development that will improve the public realm on and surrounding the site.

Where are you in the process?

In October 2023, a Zoning By-law Amendment application was submitted to the City of Toronto, which begins the formal review process of this proposed redevelopment. We encourage you to check back to the Project Timeline to see upcoming events and where we have been.

How can I get involved?

If you have a question or would like to provide comments, we encourage you to fill out our form below in the Contact Us section. A member of the project team will get back to you shortly. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your questions and input.

Contact Us

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